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Mitsubishi Service

Mitsubishi Service items listed below are an example and will change per mileage Service Interval, engine type, year and model. For a complete Service description for your Mitsubishi, call Jim or Ron at Folsom Autotech (916) 985-0274

Folsom Autotech logs all Services performed and repair recommendations for your Mitsubishi. Upon Mitsubishi owner request, we will provide a Service Interval History Report. Which will help you get the best deal when you?re ready to sell or trade-in and a complete Service Interval History Report is extremely helpful for proof of adhering to Mitsubishi Dealer Warranty Requirements.

Brake Hose/Line
Constant Velocity Joint Boot
Coolant Line/Hose
Disc Brake System
Distributor Cap
Drive Belt
Drum Brake System
Evaporative Emissions System
Exhaust System
Fuel Delivery and Air Induction
Fuel System (Tank, Pipe Line and Connection, and Fuel Tank Filler Tube Cap)
Fuel Supply Line
Ignition Rotor
Steering and Suspension
Ball Joint and Steering Linkage Seals for grease leaks and damage.
Air Filter Element
Cabin Air Filter / Purifier
Engine Oil
Fluid - A/T
Fluid - M/T
Ignition Cable
Oil Filter, Engine
Spark Plugs
Replace normal plugs every 15,000 miles, platinum plugs every 60,000 miles or iridium plugs every 105,000 miles.
Timing Belt
Perform every 60,000 miles or 48 months.