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Acura Repair Services and Maintenance in Folsom

Folsom Autotech Can Meet All Your Acura Service and Repair Needs

Acura Service items listed below are an example and will change per mileage Service Interval, engine type, year and model. For a complete Service description for your Acura, call Jim or Ron at Folsom Autotech (916) 985-0274

Folsom Autotech logs all Services performed and repair recommendations for your Acura. Upon Acura owner request, we will provide a copy of Service History. Which will help you get the best deal when you?re ready to sell or trade-in and a complete Service Interval History Report is extremely helpful for proof of adhering to Acura Dealer Warranty Requirements.

Check inflation and condition of tires
Brake Hose/Line
Inspect brake lines, hoses, and connections
Brakes and Traction Control
Constant Velocity Joint Boot (S)
Inspect driveshaft boots for cracks, damage, or leaks
Exhaust System
Inspect all fluid levels and condition of fluids
Fuel Supply Line
Inspect fuel lines, hoses, and connections
Inspect all lights and controls
Steering and Suspension (S)
Inspect tie rod ends, steering gear box and boots, and suspension components
Inspect the underbody
Drive Belt
Parking Brake System
Lubricate locks and hinges
Air Filter Element
Replace at mileage interval or every 24 months
Engine Oil (S) or every 1 year, whichever comes first.
Oil Filter, Engine (S)
(S) = Service Warranty Requirement

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We have established longterm and stable partnerships with various clients thanks to our excellence in solving their automotive needs!

These mechanics fix your vehicle and stand behind their work. They bent over backwards to accommodate me and my schedule. They are located on an easily accessible corner with plenty of parking. The manager, Ron, and owner, Jim, were professional and courteous at all times with such great smiles and information as well as many years of experience and knowledge. A real find and I will continue to use them for my mechanical needs. quotes-image
Folsom Autotech has been my go-to garage for over 15 years. I asked the guys I work with where they'd send their wife or daughter for car repairs and the resounding recommendations was Folsom Autotech. They were right, this is MY garage and I don't want or trust anyone else to work on our cars!quotes-image